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Published: 04th November 2009
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QuickBooks Hosting on Terminal servers is the thing CPAs may be looking for if they intend to access the QuickBooks program from anyplace anytime and wish to collaborate in real time with their clients. Another reason to consider QuickBooks hosting is, when investment in local IT network and infrastructure may not be desired as access to same range of services, but with enhanced functionality is easy and more efficient through a third party ASP.

QuickBooks remote: some facts

QuickBooks remote access means accessing the QuickBooks program from any online connection from anywhere. QuickBooks hosting also enable you remote access. So what is the difference? In QuickBooks hosting the software is installed and run on the latest QuickBooks terminal servers, thereby allowing the user to access the application at high speed. And this is for all editions and versions of QuickBooks. Note that all editions of QuickBooks do not support remote access. And the user can choose to have any number of concurrent users, provided they have the licensed software as well.

Lean and thin IT infrastructure with QuickBooks remote service

With availability of Application hosting services, small and medium business have now the option of having a minimum IT infrastructure just essential to support running any application. No upfront cost involved in establishment and maintenance of local network or providing for local backup and data recovery. And the client need no investment in IT support as 24x7 technical helpdesk comes included with the QuickBooks remote service.

Enhanced Data security

QuickBooks hosting service comes with dual backup of all data at multiple, secured data centers. The online access is fortified with latest security tools and always on monitoring for security threats. Unarguably this is more secured than the local data backup which is occasional and may not be monitored regularly. Automatic data backup offered by QuickBooks hosting Service providers is thus immune to data loss.

Automatic upgrades

Intuit, from time to time issues upgrades for various QuickBooks programs. With QuickBooks hosting service the upgrades are automatically incorporated to the versions and editions of the QuickBooks program the client is using.

Add- ons can be hosted too

Remote QuickBooks on terminal servers allow the clients to host latest QuickBooks Add-ons and get it integrated with any QuickBooks Editions and version they are using. Add ons are third party application that can be used to enhance the functionality of QuickBooks for industry specific purposes.

Host multiple editions and version of QuickBooks

QuickBooks remote hosting on terminal servers allows the user to host multiple editions and versions of QuickBooks on the terminal servers. CPAs may be using, say QuickBooks enterprise accountant version but their clients may be using QuickBooks enterprise industry specific version. QuickBooks remote allow both of the editions to be hosted on terminal servers and ensure compatibility between them both.

Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0: an example

• Consider QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0 to understand how QuickBooks hosting can increase productivity and efficiency of a business. QuickBooks Enterprise 2009 provides remote access with at most 30 simultaneous users. The client has to subscribe to this facility in multiple of 5 users at a time. QuickBooks hosting on terminal servers do not face this constraint, as the client can keep on adding as much number of multiple users they wish.

• QuickBooks enterprise can track .1milion customers. QuickBooks remote services can make this process more efficient and secure with automatic data backup and secure access.

• QuickBooks enterprise can have use in more than 150 industries. QuickBooks remote would allow the clients to host any number of QuickBooks Add-ons suitable for a specific industry and manage their integration with the QuickBooks program.

• Managing multiple users is easier with QuickBooks remote service on terminal servers. Pass word protected access, level of user's access and user preferences all can be customized as per the client's wish.

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